Tender, fluffy, velvety, YUM. The perfect vanilla cake recipe is finally here.

Vanilla cake with raspberry jam and purple buttercream frosting.
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Seriously. It’s the most tender, moist, melt-in-your-mouth, perfect vanilla cake recipe of your sweet lil’ dreams.

Want to know a secret? I’ve been baking for YEARS and have always used a box mix for vanilla cake. There, I said it!

I have tried a handful of vanilla cake recipes from scratch over the last several years, but they always came up short of my expectations for a vanilla cake. So I always went back to the box!

When I decided to pick up cake decorating as a hobby this year, I really wasn’t all too concerned with the actual cake inside. I was more focused on my frostings as well as the design and decorating technique. I was perfectly content using box after box of cake mix, until one day I’d had enough.

Enough of what, you ask?
Well, I still don’t really know.

No one:
Literally not one soul:

Did I need to do this? Absolutely not. I don’t sell my cakes. Nobody asked. Yet, here we are.

See, I do this thing, when life seems to be going well and I feel content, I decide I need to add some unnecessary and somewhat arbitrary tasks that induce stress and anxiety in order to shake things up a bit. I think it’s called “self-sabotage” or something. I don’t know. Anyway.

Thus began my nutty and unwarranted quest to create from scratch the PERFECT vanilla cake recipe of my dreams.

I read and researched, compared and calculated. I mixed and baked and baked and BAKED. Some days I baked three cakes in a day! Sometimes all of my test cakes were inedible and went straight into the bin.

Did I mention that I live in Colorado?

Yep! Over one mile into the sky, where everything you thought you knew about baking turns into a pile of mush. Literally. It turns into a pile of mush right there in your oven.

So baking any recipe at this altitude requires at least an M.S. Biochemistry, and some very basic understanding of math, of which I have neither. So let me tell you what, this was really a wild ride. I’ve tested and refined this recipe for both high and low altitudes. Sometimes I laughed. Sometimes I cried. But you know what? It was all worth it.

Now, at least (I’m talking like absolute lowest estimate) THIRTY CAKES LATER, I have the perfect vanilla cake recipe of my dreams. Like when I imagine a vanilla cake in my head (which is actually quite often…) THIS is THAT cake come to life! Yeah, it’s pretty incredible.

What Makes This Dream Cake So Dreamy?

Texture: Tender and velvety. In my best vanilla cake recipe I utilize the reverse creaming method, also known two-step mixing, which produces a soft and velvety texture. You can read more about it here! The combination of oil + butter also plays into the delicate texture of this cake.

Flavor: Vanilla- but make it complex. I use pure vanilla extract, buttermilk, and butter which combine to make a lovely light, buttery, and slightly tangy vanilla profile.

Structure: Just one more reason to love this cake is the tight and fine crumb produced by the reverse creaming method. It makes for a beautifully sound and stackable layer cake. It also allows for a more precise and clean cut, minimal crumbling, air pockets, and tunneling.

So What Are You Waiting For?

The work has been DONE! The search is OVER! After countless test-bakes, recipes, and ratios, I have finally dialed-in the most PERFECT vanilla cake I’ve ever tasted. And now I want to share it with you!

But don’t be overwhelmed by the hype of this fabulous recipe- by no means is it difficult to make. It really could not be easier! In fact, I want so badly for you to try and succeed at making this cake that I’ve created a FREE all-encompassing guide to my vanilla cake recipe, just for you! Here it is!

And as a matter of fact, YES! I did include both high-altitude and low-altitude versions and adjustments in this guide. I’m telling you, this guide is awesome. (And very pretty! ☺️)

I reference my best vanilla cake recipe frequently throughout my blog and use it as a building block for several other recipes, so go ahead and get your FREE copy of my recipe + vanilla cake guide here.

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